In Outlook 2007, I have filtered calendar views set up to show specific events in each calendar month - i.e. appointments in Jan, Feb Mar, etc. All of a sudden other incorrect events are showing up in that filtered view. For example, I might get an event dated in Dec 2010 showing up in a view to show events dated in January or February 2011.

The filter I use (under the SQL tab in the DASL filtermodule) worked fine for 2010. All I did was to change the year from 2010 to 2011 in the SQL criteria. Here is the filter criteria that defines this particular filtered view:

("DAV:isfolder" = false AND "DAV:ishidden" = false) AND (("urn:schemas-microsoft-comfficeffice#Keywords" = 'Bookings' AND ("urn:schemas:calendar:dtstart" >= '3/1/2010 6:00 AM' AND "urn:schemas:calendar:dtstart" <= '3/31/2010 11:00 PM')))

Any suggestions?

Jim Gilman