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    Can't open browser window with WS links

    I'm using Windows XP with both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Whenever there are links in a Windows Secrets article I click the link, the web page does not open and I get an error message that the page cannot be found. I've reproduced a current link here:

    Anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it??

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    I clicked it open in FF and wonder if this has always been a problem or if it is just a recent issue.

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    Edit: Are you talking about the WS newsletter you receive in your email? Are you able to read it
    WS Newsletter here

    You may have to set your FF browser manually:

    Setting default browser manually

    You can manually set the default browser by selecting it as the the default program for individual file types and protocols, as follows:

    * Windows XP and earlier: Open the Control Panel from the Windows Start menu.
    o In Windows 2000 and earlier, or if Windows XP is using the Control Panel "Classic View": Click on "Folder Options -> File Types".
    o In Windows XP, if using the Control Panel "Category View": Click on "Performance and Maintenance". Then, click on "File Types" in the left column under the heading "See Also".

    Assign the following protocols and file types to the browser you wish to set as default:

    * URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP protocol)
    * URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol with Privacy (HTTPS protocol)
    * URL:File Transfer Protocol {FTP protocol)
    * HTML File
    * HTM File (optional)

    In Windows XP and earlier, you can find the URL protocols listed above in File Types, under extension "N/A" or "(NONE)"
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    Quote Originally Posted by aldagoag View Post
    I click the link, the web page does not open and I get an error message that the page cannot be found.
    I get this quite often. I have FireFox set as my default browser. I have several addons in FireFox. If I click a link within an email, and that causes FireFox to be started (i.e., no other FireFox windows are open), and FireFox detected updated addons, then I get an error dialog that opening the link failed. I click OK to close the dialog and then after I let FireFox install the updated addons, the page displays just fine, though often in the first tab in FireFox, and that is not the tab showing by default - usually one of the addon's home page is on the front-most tab.

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