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    Windows Live

    Mr. Moderator - would a general category for Windows Live threads be appropriate. It seems that digging through General Windows, or other category(ies) for Live threads would be a bit of a pain.

    Anyhow I have a Win Live problems. I use most of the Live programs and use Live Mesh routinely to sync info on three different PCs in my home. It sure makes life a lot easier and is more restrictive than sharing folders on my home network. Here's my question/problem. I've created a number of synced folders between user accounts on the three PCs but sort of messed up in the process. After setting up the shared folders I invited a number of Live IDs to sync with my synced folders. The invites were sent, but were not accepted prior to deletion of the invitation email messages. I was the culprit here. Now I'm wondering if there is a way to "re-invite" these Live IDs. Microsofts help on Live Mesh is pretty meager and I saw nothing relating to this. Any ideas out there? A brute force method (last resort) would be to create new Live IDs for those accounts on the other PCs. The only problem with that is that there is a limit of 9 Live IDs allowed and I hate to "waste" some of those.

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    Not the exact solution that you are asking for, but probably a way to solve that would be to stop sharing the folders (by unchecking all your devices from the list) and then sharing them again. That would likely allow you to send invitations again.



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