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    KB976902 Update Causes "Windows Update" Crash

    There have been several threads and no small amount of skepticism about the KB976902 update. Put me down on the CON side.

    I am not positive about cause/effect, but shortly after I loaded KB976902 I could no longer use the "Windows Update" function. It would hang with TrustedInstaller.exe using 10-17% of my CPU cycles. I finally determined that I could kill the windows update service (wuauserv) to stop the hang and get back all of my CPU cycles.

    To repair it, I have tried:
    1) chkdsk; 2) sfc /scannow; 3) system restore; 4) windows upgrade from original disk; 5) MS FixIt; 6) MS Essentials; 7) system readiness upgrade tool; 8) soft and loud threats.

    When it hangs, it generates a series of Windows Error Reporting events 1001 that occur every 2-3 seconds.

    I finally disabled windows update service. Unless I can find a solution, I intend to wait for SP1 to determine if it includes a magic fix.

    For those who are considering KB976902, you should have a very recent image restore (which I did not - sigh). For anyone with suggestions, I am all ears.

    I am running Windows 7 Pro x64 on a custom rig with an ASUS MB and graphics card. I believe all drivers are up-to-date.

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    I skipped update KB976902 for two reasons; it had been left unchecked by Windows Update in the list of updates available, and so I clicked on it to read its description:

    "Install this update to enable future updates to install successfully on all editions of Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2. This update may be required before selected future updates can be installed. After you install this item, it cannot be removed."

    I'll wait on that one for a while.

    I would also suggest for those who have not yet installed this particular update, make a drive image (don't rely on a Restore Point) before installing it so that you will be able to remove it.
    Create a fresh drive image before making system changes, in case you need to start over!

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    I inmstalled it before I read this post and so far no problems....Whew!

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