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    Post Envelope Printing Problem

    Word 2007 - Windows XP - HP 4000TN LaserJet

    Have printed No 10 and No 9 envelopes just fine on above set-up for several years.

    Last week, I began to have envelpes print as what seemed to be normal, but no print would appear on envelope. No address or return address.

    Several days later, when using Create Envelopes to print a No 10 envelope, I began to get the error: "The margins of section 1 are set outside of the printable area of the page.

    I deleted and re-installed the printer driver. No change.

    Normal documents print just fine.

    Very frustrating.


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    Have you made any changes recently such as use a different font for the envelope addresses?

    This is usually a printer driver/font problem, but I am surprised it hasn't appeared before if it is that bug. Try a different font and font colour to see if it makes a difference.

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