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    moving appData details?

    Hi Loungers, hope you can provide info regarding what exactly to move in app data from C drive to D drive, ‘Data partition’.

    1) Currently in C drive, which should I move?
    [Please put yes against file to be moved]

    Users/ Default folder / appdata in C: has-

    1. local
    2. roaming

    Users/ owner folder / appdata in C: has-

    1. local
    2. roaming
    3. localLow

    Users/ standard user folder / appdata in C: has-
    1. Local
    2. Roaming
    3. LocalLow

    What I gather from the net [if wrong, please correct me]

    1. Create a new ‘app data folder’ in D drive.
    2. Go to c:/app data and choose file to be moved.
    3. Right click on chosen file and use ‘MOVE’ option to transfer to D drive app data folder.

    3) Do I need to send all files in the PUBLIC FOLDER to an empty new ‘public folder’ in D drive?

    4) What and how to make changes to registry?

    *app data / roaming file in owner folder, C drive.

    *app data / roaming file in Standard user folder, C drive.
    C drive is called SYSTEM; D drive called BACKUP

    In D DRIVE:
    *The PUBLIC FOLDER is empty.
    *No app data / roaming file
    *backups kept in owner.pc

    After I bought my new laptop [Win 7 home premium], I found that my screen reader could not read certain information in this new OS. So I asked that shop’s technician to create a data partition and move the data files there. He said he had never done it before but would try, which he did. I think he had done it wrongly because data files have to be moved manually from C drive to D drive [data partition] and in disk cleanup; windows always said nothing to cleanup in D drive. I had been adding and deleting files in D drive.

    Now that I have added a standard user account, things got worse:
    - An image using standard user was 27 gig but I could neither save to D drive nor to DVD/CD. There was a ‘skip file’ error message.
    -An image using owner [admin] was 20 gig. Therefore, 7 gig was missing in image using owner account to do the job.

    I tried a test restore yesterday from an earlier backup using owner account. Nothing was restored in both owner and standard user accounts.

    I would appreciate any advice and help.
    Thank you

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    Hi Spec,

    WS Lounge member bbearren has extensive experience in successfully relocating much of Windows 7. Do a search on his user name here in the Lounge to see some of his postings.

    You can see more on bbearren's web site. Click on 'Set 7 Free' when you go to his web site.

    There is an lengthy interesting thread on MS Answers Forum bbearren participated in that explores certain risk factors and why MS does not support such endeavors. He has some interesting insights involving the issue.

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    D Drive Folders on my PC

    The attachment shows the list of folder I moved to my D Drive:


    Basically, if the folder is able to be moved to the D Drive it will display the Move tab. If not able to be moved, there will be no way to do so displayed.

    Many sites show the exact procedure, and if followed, you should not have to manually move files to the new partition, that should be done automatically by the OS. All he did was create a folder and manually moved the files there, wrong. You have to create a path to those folders from the OS. Then Win 7 will automatically put new files there. Here is a Step by Step Procudure for doing so.
    Have a Great Day! Ted

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    I read that roaming file should be moved to D drive but windows file should not be moved [not sure what they are].
    Should local & localLow in appdata be moved to D drive?
    There are 3 folders with appdata. Should DEFAULT be moved?
    I suppose OWNER & STANDARD USER should be moved?

    I had gone to daeran’s website to check last year as well as whole of the Lounge for moving data for info. Copied and passed info to the technician. Perhaps he did not read them or info not detailed enough for him.
    Thank you, Spec

    Thank you very much for the link, Ted. The step-by-step info is detailed and clear.

    So what should I do with those files already in D drive? They are:
    owner.pc [Where backups were kept but empty after I opened standard user account];
    WindowsImage backup [empty after standard user account was opened];
    Document: my document [files moved manually], public document [empty];

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