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    VMM32 fatal exception error

    I have a ten month old computer that had had an OEM install of WinME which I blew away a couple of weeks ago, formatted C: and reinstalled from the setup cabs in the WindowsOptions folder which I had transferred to another partition. Everything went well until my husband attempted to play MS Combat Flight Simulator I. He has continual blue screens containg the following : VMM(01)+0000DC99.
    Any suggestions? The game played fine before I formatted and reinstalled ME. I have a PIII 799MHz chip, an NVidia TNT2 M64 card with current drivers and 128 Mb of RAM.

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    Re: VMM32 fatal exception error

    Going to Google and searching under "vmm32" provides a whole host of sites that should help with the problem.

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    Re: VMM32 fatal exception error

    I already tried that one but get very little concerning WinME, it's mostly Win 98 info. I have searched within results for WinME only hits and followed up on some but found nothing specifically helpful. (I have found out a lot about VMM32.vxd though). I am suspicious about IE 6 being involved but cannot remember whether the problem started before or after the IE update. I may have to use restore, to go back.

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