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    Question Expression Web fails to install

    I'm stumped.
    I cannot get my new copy of Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Web Professional to install. When I install I get a message stating that there was a "Licensing installation failure." and that my "Proof-of-purchase was invalid." However, I have licenses to every version of Expression Web ever released. When I installed this I had Expression Web 3 installed and operational. I am not given an option to enter my license information.

    Now, even if I uninstall Expression Web 4 and try to go back to version 3 I cannot. I get a similar licensing error. I've tried installing this copy on a virtual PC, and it works just fine.

    The error I receive says I should, "contact Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Web Professional support and provide a copy of my installation log of investigation." I have my log, but I don't know where to send it. Where is Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Web Professional support, and how do I contact them?
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    You can try posting at Expression Studio Forum. There are several installation threads in that forum. Not sure if Expression Web 4 Licensing FAQ - Expression Web team blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs applies to you.


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