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    Windows 7- Unexepected shutdown after hibernation


    Would be very grateful for any help with this problem. I have googled and read many different forum posts with no help.

    My problem is that my HP dv6t cannot hibernate or sleep.
    Whether I try to enter hibernation or sleep by using start or by using a key or by closing the lid the same thing happens. After it enters sleep/hibernation the computer simply turns off. When I hit the power key to "resume" instead it reboots, saying it didn't shut down properly. When it reboots into Windows 7 it says Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown.

    I have the laptop always plugged in and am now running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I upgraded to Ultimate hoping it would fix the problem but no dice.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Eyedoctor2, and welcome to the Lounge!

    Did you computer come with Windows 7 installed from the vendor or was it an upgrade from an earlier OS?

    When you installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, did you do an in place upgrade from within Windows or did you do a Custom Install (essentially a clean install). If your power problems are due to Windows, then an in place upgrade may only have transferred the problem to your Win7 Ultimate install. If you did a Custom install, then the problem is most likely related to your HP hardware/BIOS rather than Windows.

    Have you checked your BIOS for the power settings?

    You might try to download and install an updated ACPI driver from the HP support site. Also check for a BIOS update and an updated Chipset Device driver as well.
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