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    Word (all (>= word97))

    Is there any way where i can select multiple words(so i can cut/paste it in some other place) randomly in a paragraph.

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    Re: Word (all (>= word97))

    Other than a 3rd-party utility, in Word 2000 and 2002 you can use the Office Clipboard.

    You could also use the Spike command, however it will paste items the same order that you cut them:

    - To add text to the Spike use <Ctrl F3>
    - To paste the Spike, either type Spik and accept the AutoComplete tip since the spike is stored as an AutoText entry. This leaves the previous text in the Spike so you can add to it or paste it again.
    To paste and empty the Spike use <Ctrl Shift F3>.

    Actually, there some macros and a nifty toolbar that has a "Copy to Spike" and 'Preview Spike" command (The copy macro uses the Spike command and then Undo for a copy rather than a cut) available on (Word 97).

    The macros should still work for later versions. You can download from:
    <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>

    IIRC, the Toolbar doesn't automatically display and it doesn't have the Cut to Spike command. If you want to add it:
    - Right-click any toolbar and select Customize
    - On the Commands tab scroll down and select All Commands
    - Locate Spike on the right
    - Drag and drop to a location of your choice
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