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    Can only use PPV2010 once-Win7 64-bit

    We have a new Win7 64 bit HPremium install. We use Powerpoint viewer only for pictures/slides our friends send to us. MSOffice is not on this PC.

    We downloaded PPV2010 installed it and followed M/Soft's instructions and double clicked on the .exe file in the Microsoft Office folder that the install created.

    We then attempted to open the .pps files that came to us in our mail and a window came up asking what we wanted to use to open the pics...we scrolled down the list and the viewer wasn't there, so we browsed on our "C" drive and found MSoft Office folder, opened that and we were able to look at the slide presentation sent to us.

    We went back to use the PPV a second time and the association no longer is there and we have to find the PPV all over again. It seems we need to create a permanent association, but I am not sure if that's the cause. We use Mozilla Thunderbird, btw as our email program. I had my spouse send along that email with the PP presentation to me and it works perfectly fine on my machine. I have MSoft Office 2007 & Win7 64-bit on my PC and also use Thunderbird as my email program as well.

    Can someone give me a hand in getting the PPV setup so it works properly, Thanks.


    PPV working fine now......right-clicked on the .pps icon in T'bird mail, then open, and then we were offered the ability to use PPV to open the files all the time which didn't appear before. We're all set.
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