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    Macro Problem (Access 97)

    I am trying to run a wzzip application from a macro. Wzzip is an add-on from winzip. I am using the RunApp action with the following on the command line: "C:Program FilesWinZipwzzip" "" "C:blueunit.txt". If I run this line by going to the start menu and choosing run then it works. I was under the impression that using the same or a similar line in a macro would also work. I want to zip blueunit into a zip file called test using the wzzip program. If I have not made this too confusing, I hope someone has some suggestions for me. Thanks

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    Re: Macro Problem (Access 97)

    What you have shown should work. The only thing I can suggest is that you try it one portion at a time. That is, first try to run the macro so it just opens the zip program. If that works, then try adding the to the command line, etc.
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