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    IE8 - how to force correct association?

    The company my wife works for has a company-internal webmail system using Microsoft Outlook Web Access. If someone sends her an email, it works fine. If they send an attachment (a PDF, a doc file), it works fine. If someone sends a docx file, then IE seems to think it's ZIP file, and wants to open it with Windows Explorer and shows me the internals of the docx file structure (interesting, but not what I want).
    It seems to me that there's a problem with the file extension association for docx with IE to Word.
    If I do the same action from within Firefox, then the email attachment opens correctly with Word 2010.
    If I double click a docx file from Windows Explorer, then it correctly opens in Word 2010.
    If I check the file extension association in Windows Explorer, then General tab 'Opens with' is Word 2010.

    My current work around is to save the file, change the extension from zip to docx and then open it from Windows Eplorer. But that's a bit hard.

    Seems to me that there's a problem with MIME types or file associations, but for IE only. How can I reset this?
    Thanks for your help or any clues.


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    It appears to be a MIME type problem. That means IIS should be fixed by the IT folks who control the mail system. There is a VB script to help fix this is a post dated October 28, 2009 at cannot dowload .docx files from MS Outlook web access. If IIS is already configured correctly see THEN WHAT HAPPENED?: Internet Explorer 8 with Outlook Web Access Saves 2007 Formats as Zip. This article says you need to put the OWA url in your trusted sites list.


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