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    Puzzling Apache/PHP problem

    I do PHP development using Apache 2.2.17 on a local system running Windows XP. Something has come loose in Apache since the last time I used it, so that every time I try to load a URL that begins with localhost or http://localhost, I get a bunch of errors. PHP is trying to load index.php from subdirectory ./drupal (relative to the document root). It does this no matter what the URL is, even if the URL points to a nonexistent page.

    I've defined several virtual host URLs that point to various subdirectories of localhost's document root. All of these continue to work normally.

    I've looked at httpd.conf and I don't see anything wrong with localhost's configuration; for that matter the file's timestamp appears to be set before the last time I used localhost successfully. At this point I don't even know how to look for what is wrong! Any suggestions?

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    Are the virtual hosts in the form http://localhost/virtualhost or via just http://virtualhost?
    Do you get the same result with

    cheers, Paul

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