My ftp page, on my server. Uisng Filezilla ftp server as ftp server.

happens on 2 different win 7 machines,
  • chrome doesnt open page, no user name challenge, nada. just stays blank.
  • IE8 gives me a message to use windows explorer (on the windows 7 machine), and a link appears. I click on link and windows explorer opens with the ftp site in the address bar, provides challenge box for user name and pw, and I can use it.
  • SeaMonkey not installed on the win 7 machine, but FF works just as expected, get challenge box.
On an xp machine,
  • Chrome provides a challenge box for a user name and pw, which is good.
  • IE8 loads roop page (pw and user name already stored)
Any ideas as to why my windows 7 machines cant open my ftp page? If you need the page, I can IM it to you, but Id like to keep that out of the forums, if at all possible.

BTW, all chrome settings are synced (at least I presume thats what the user sync feature does). All the tabs on chrome on all my machines are exactly the same.