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    MSE V2 and WLE 2011

    I am being driven mad. I have just upgraded Microsoft Security Essentials to version 2 and now find Windows Live Messenger 2011 won't sign in automatically when I turn on or reboot my PC. It was behaving properly under version 1 of MSE. When I go to boot it in manually, it seems to have forgotten my login details though when I type the first letter of my email address, both the rest of my email address and my password magically reappear but there is no tick in the box to remember these. Reinserting this tick has no effect the next time the pc is booted though I can then login normally under the current session. I had this set up to "remember" when I first installed WLE 2011
    I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit with all microsoft's latest patches and thelatest version of Firefox. I have no other virus scanners etc on this PC.
    I have tried doing a clean updated Windows 7 64bit install with WLE 2011 and MSE (Upgrading from V1 to V2 when MSE asks) but though WLE 2011 signs in automatically to start with, as soon as MSE 2 is installed WLE 2011 refuses to sign in automatically.
    Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
    Thank you.
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    Welcome to the lounge birdmaniw.
    Here's a link that might help you with Windows Live;
    When you have Windows Live open also click on Accounts @ the top then click on Properties then click on the server tab.Then put a Check mark in the box where it reads;Remember password.
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