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    Macro Conditions (Access 97)

    I am running a Report based on a table created by a Make Table Query. Sometimes the table may be empty, because no solution set was found. I am getting errors on the Report. I am running the query and report from a Macro, how can I check on the Conditions that the table is emply and run another Report advising that no data was found?

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    Re: Macro Conditions (Access 97)

    By MACRO do you mean a macro or a VBA function?

    There is a report event 'NoData'. You could display a message there if that was enough.

    If you do require another report then check if the table has any records and then display the appropriate report.

    DIM RS as Recordset, DB as Database
    Set DB = CurrentDB
    Set RS = DB.Open("SELECT * FROM <mytablename>")
    if RS.Recordcount > 0 then
    'table has records
    'Table is empty
    end if
    set RS = nothing
    Set DB = nothing

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    Re: Macro Conditions (Access 97)

    In your first report's NoData event, you can place a macro or code to open that 2nd report. I use a macro I call Empty Report, whose first Action pops a message box saying "Your selections produced an empy report!", and the 2nd Action is a CancelEvent.
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