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    Weird Thunderbird Folder Behavior

    This is an update to the Change Thunderbird Folders post

    I had originally posted this question as not being able to change the default file location (Local Folder) to D:\Thunderbird. Several suggestions were posted and none of them worked. I have done more digging and I now know the problem is more complex than I originally believed.

    First, a little background. I have four computers between the office, home, and my netbook. I keep them all synchronized by storing all the data on the D-drive and using a batch file and USB memory stick to copy files that change between computers. That is why I have Thunderbird pointing to D:\Thunderbird. That way, all the computers stay in sync.

    I am having trouble on only one computer. I thought it would not point to D:\Thunderbird because I could not see any of the folders there. Since none of the original suggestions worked, I decided to reinstall Thunderbird on the problem computer. That did not work either.

    Then, I realized there might be a problem with the folder so I renamed it and restarted Thunderbird. It was, in fact, looking at D:\Thunderbird all along, just ignoring the folders. I tried copying the folders (and associated MSF files) one at a time from the renamed folder. It ignored every folder.

    My first thought was that something was corrupted. However, Thunderbird works just fine on the other computers so the structure of D:\Thunderbird must be fine. When I reinstalled it, I deleted the old profile so there is no corruption in the profile either. Plus, it does read the filters from D:\Thunderbird, which was my original clue that put me on this path.

    Iím stumped! Any suggestions?

    I have a second, and less important to me, question. Any way to force Thunderbird to keep the address book in D:\Thunderbird so I can keep it in sync as well.

    Ronny Richardson

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    have you ever considered installing dropbox on all four machines and just throwing one of your complete profiles into it, then pointing each TB at that profile?

    I haven't but theoretically it should work. you get free 2 gb dropbox. That would keep all your settings consistent across all 4 machines.

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