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    Printers disappear from network

    I have a three year old XP box running XP3 al updates, connected to the 'net by cable modem. No router, just the one. it is a Dell Inspiron, with 1GB ram, 500GB HDD, I added a new printer about a year ago, hp laserjet 1320. It installed fine and worked well. Then about a month later, every time the computer would boot, or log off then log on, windows would "find new hardware, printer hp 1320" I could not find a way to stop this from happening Now, a short time ago, I got a new pc and moved that Dell to my office, connected it to the office lan, and re-booted. AND< sure enough "Found new Hardware. Printer HP Laserjet 1320" I just cannot figure this out! Aside from that, when I go to Prnters and Faxes, Add new printer, network printer, browse for printer, all I get isi MS Windows Network, Workgroup. NO printers show up at ALL. I have three other pc's in this office, (about 30 on the network but in this room just the three) two running win 7 pro, one running xp sp3. ALL are sharing a color laserjet 2650dn. this latest xp box will NOT find any printer on the network at ALL. Sorry for being so long, but seriously, ANY help at all will be much appreicated before I give up and go the "scorched earth" route of format reinstall and then look for all the "keys" to do the software over agaain, and I'm pretty sure I don't have my ms office product key so that will mean another $300 for nothing! HELP PLEASE! Thank you all!
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