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    Outlook 2010 Contacts problem

    Outlook will not display information entered in the Title or Suffix fields of a contact when the address is inserted into a Word document.

    Please see example attached. When this particular address is inserted in a Word document it appears as below, even though "Honorable" has been entered as the Title:

    George M. Jirotka
    315 Court Street, Room 489
    Clearwater, Florida 33756

    Thank you for any suggestions.
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    In earlier versions of Word, the automatically inserted name and address block could be edited because it would follow an AutoText entry named AddressLayout.

    Graham Mayor has info on his site a bit down this page: Unfortunately, neither his list nor the list in HOW TO: Modify the Layout of an Address Book Entry in Word 2000 shows a way to get the Honorable in there. Probably need another source?

    Worst case scenario you would need to find or build an address inserter that has full access to Outlook contact information.

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