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    Protecting part of a document

    My employer has new contracts and I've been asked to set the Word templates of the contracts up so that the staff can edit some portions of the documents (so that they can add clients names and addresses) but not others (so that they can't change the contract language or the fee schedule.) Does anyone have any suggestions for doing this?

    The reason why I'm sticking with Word Documents and not just creating pdfs is that Word templates integrate with our CRM Software and PDFs do not.

    We're still using Word 2003.

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    Hi Chris,

    This is quite easy to do - simply insert Section breaks before & after each portion of the document that you want to leave unprotected, then apply forms protection. When you do that, Word gives you the option to leave some Sections unprotected.

    Paul Edstein
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    It might also be possible that what Chris needs is to create a form document with fields for each of the editable bits of information. It really depends on whether that information can be isolated into separate sections or, like a contract, has to be inserted into the opening paragraph.

    If what you need is this kind of form document, take the original document and insert fields at each of the points editable info will be typed. I suspect they will be text fields for the most part. Once you've done that, you can lock the form (even password it) and only the fields will be editable. The typist can then tab from field to field, adding the information.

    Search Word's help for "form document" (look for "Create forms that users complete in Word"). There's step-by-step info there.

    HTH, Kim

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