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Thread: Merging data

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    Merging data


    I have a customer who sends me orders in excel sheet like attached file everyday. I then copy paste patient's data into a packing slip like attached, one by one and print it. I know there is a way I should be able to pick up data by linking to files and print in in one go.

    If possible I want to print all packing slip in one go and then pack and ship orders to them. Your help will be appriciated.
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    Welcome to the lounge.

    It is very possible to automate this process via Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). However, what you need is somewhat beyond the services provided by the volunteers on this site. If you want to tackle the project and run into specific problems they can be posted here and I'm sure you get the help you need to get past that hurdle. If you don't have the ability or interest to take this route you need to find a local programmer to tackle the problem for you.

    Good Luck!
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    Hello Paul - Welcome to the Lounge !!

    The sample provided shows multiple patient names, ID's, etc., but only one patient has an order. Does the typical order show only the individual patients who are making an order or does the daily sheet show all possible patients even if they are not making an order? How many patients are ordering on a typical day? Column A of the order is labeled "Ship Date". Is that really the "Order Date"?

    The sample Packing Slip does not show any info from the Sample Drop Ship.

    Maybe show us a more typical customer order sheet along with what a few of the packing slips from that order look like. Please use fake names and addresses.

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