The application has two forms, each with a Chart object. One of the charts works more-or-less as required, but the other one has me stumped. The problem lies with getting the chart Datasheet (design view)to update itself to match the datasource listed in the object's properties on the form.

The RowSource on the chart's propertysheet on the form has the following string:
SELECT MachineID, LifeHours, LifeRAndM FROM qryCumulativeRepairCosts WHERE MachineID In (11,12) ORDER BY MachineID, LifeHours;

If I cut-and-paste the string into a query, it works as expected. If I open the form, it shows "something that could be my data", but I am not sure just what... In design view, the chart shows the "example data" that is supplied with the chart.

If I double-click the chart, it displays the same "example data" ie. sales by Qrt and by Region.

How do I get the chart to display *my* data in design view?? I've looked for a "update the datasource" command in the chart design view, but I can't see such a gizmo...

On the chart that more-or-less works, I found that by opening (running) the form, that seemed to kick the chart and update the data source. But for the second chart, that doesn't work.

Any help appreciated.