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    Reinstall fresh copy of XP plus existing patches

    My XP machine is 4 years old now and getting slow. Rather than do a re-install and clean up I am getting a new Win 7 machine; but after I have migrated I would like to do the clean up on my old machine and keep it as a legacy XP machine, file server and general test bed.

    My question is can I utilise the updates from my old machine, by copying them to a CD/DVD, to save downloading them again with Microsoft Update after I have reinstalled Win-XP from my original installation CD? Or is there a technique where I can make a new install CD from the original but including all the required updates and then install from that to get a fully patched SP3 version?

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    Nlite should be able to acomplish all of what you are asking
    With the above article you should be able to download and add all those updates that are not included in XP Service Pack 3

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