I have a wired network (Internet modem --> wired router --> wired computers.

I wish to have wireless capability on one desktop machine only to support a [shudder] Apple iPod Touch.

Can I unplug my wired connection from this computer's NIC, plug that into the WLan port of the wireless router and add a cable to connect a downstream port on the wireless router to the computer. I need to add only wireless access for the iPod; I do not require the complete computer/iPod to be connected wirelessly.

1. Does this arrangement have a flaw?
2. Are the two routers going to end up in some sort of competition over which one is master?
3. When I do not need the wireless connection for sync'ing the iPod can I turn that router off completely; ie., the router box will act passively & merely connect the hard-wired WLAN port to the wired cable to the computer?

Or, should I bite the bullet & replace the wired router with the wireless? I could keep all the computer connections via wire but have the wireless port available as required for iPod sync'ing. The router is "N" band capable; will the signal penetrate from the second floor (where the router would be located) to the basement where the computer that syncs with the iPod is sited?