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    Unable to organize Favorite Places in MSN Explore

    I have Verizon High-Speed Internet with MSN Premium. When I try to organize my favorite places, they fail to load. Thus I cannot delete, rename or move any of my bookmarks. Any suggestions for a solution to this problem? I have already uninstalled and reinstalled MSN.

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    Unable to organize MSN Favorite Places


    1. Sign out of MSN.
    2. Set the computer to display hidden files and folders by following the steps below.

    a. Click on Start or Windows Orb then click on Control Panel.
    b. In the Control Panel window, make sure that "Classic View" is selected on the left column. If it is not, click on Classic View to activate it.
    c. Double-click on the Folder Options icon.
    d. In the Folder Options window, click on View at the top.
    e. In the Advanced Settings section, look for Hidden files and folders. Click on Show hidden files and folders just below it.
    f. Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types and Hide protected operating system files (Recommended).
    g. Click 'Yes' to confirm.
    h. Click Apply then OK. This will close the Folder Options window.
    i. Close the Control Panel window.

    3. Click on Start of Windows Orb, then type %USERPROFILE% in the Start Search box at the bottom then click OK.
    4. Double-click the AppData folder.
    5. Double-click the Local folder.
    6. Double-click the Microsoft folder.
    7. Right-click the MSN folder and click Copy.
    8. Close all open windows.
    9. Right-click on any blank space in the Desktop and click Paste.
    10. Wait until the MSN folder gets transferred completely in the Desktop.

    PHASE 2: RESET Internet Explorer

    1. Open Internet Options. To do this,: Click on Start then type inetcpl.cpl inside the Start Search box at the bottom and press Enter on your keyboard.

    2. Click the Advanced tab at the top.

    3. Click Reset at the bottom right of the page.

    4. Put a check on Delete personal Settings. Then click Reset at the bottom right.

    5. Wait for the check marks to appear then click Close.

    PHASE 3: remove then re-add your account information in MSN

    1. If you are signed in to MSN, click Sign Out at the upper middle part of the screen, and then click Sign out and close.

    2. Start MSN, but do not sign in. When the sign-in screen appears, please click on your email address so the password box will be in the middle of the screen then press and hold down the CTRL and the SHIFT keys, then hit the F11 key.

    Note: You are not actually deleting your account with MSN but are simply just refreshing the account. Your account information will be restored back when you re-add your account again by following the Installation Wizard that follows.

    3. When you are prompted to confirm your action, click Yes, and then click Yes again.

    4. Restart MSN. You will see the MSN Installation Wizard. Please follow all the instructions in the wizard in order to restore all the accounts.

    5. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes then check if the issue persists. This gives MSN enough time to reload all of your account information.

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