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    Thumbs up Can't post to link from WindowsSecrets newsletter

    Feedback welcome: Have a question or comment about this story? Post your thoughts, praises, or constructive criticisms in the WS Columns forum.

    I tried to use the link above and the page said I didin't have ability to post. (I was signed in)
    So how do I provide feedback if I can't?

    For what it's worth I was going to suggest the following:

    There's a great Windows Search utility called "Agent Ransack" which I have used since a change in Microsoft search made it virtually unusable. It might have been Win-XP when this problem began but I too long ago to remember - suddenly MS search couldn't find files with simple text strings that I knew were in files in the folder I was searching.
    Someone in an online forum suggested Agent Ransack. It searches by folder so won't search an entire drive unless you start at the top. It allows various search options on the file name as well as contents (you can search text in Word or HTML files). It provides me with most of my search needs. I also use "Everything" to search an entire drive for file names.

    I highly recommend Agent Ransack and added it to the PDQ Library Best Free Software Downloads :

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    Thanks for posting. This has been reported to the Admins; hopefully a fix for this will be in place soon.


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