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    Administrator settings

    We are setting up a new server using Windows Server 2008 R2. We have set up two users, both as administrators. User 1 has installed an application and is shown as the owner of the files and can edit them. User 2 can edit the files in Visual Studio, Notepad, etc., but cannot save them unless the editing program is started using the "Run as administrator" option.

    What could be preventing User 2 from saving these files, given that both users are administrators?

    If it is necessary for User 2 to use the "Run as administrator" option, is there a way to make Notepad and Visual Tools (which is the default for some of the config files) always run as an administrator for a user, so that files can be edited by just clicking on them rather than having to start the editing program using the RAA option and navigate to the file manually as at present? I tried setting this on the .exe but the option was greyed out (Properties > Compatability > Privilege Level > "Run this program as an administrator").

    PS: This turned out to be a security setting, now resolved.
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