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    Fix Multiple Files (2000)

    I have been dumped a job of creating one large document from several smaller documents. I know how to do this using a master document, but I am not wedded to that idea if there are other suggestions.

    My problem is that all of the files have been incorrectly saved as (separate) templates. I can save them as documents, but Word still recognizes them as having different templates.

    The only way I can think to get around this is to copy each style one by one from each sub-template into a new template, and then merge the documents. Any ideas?

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    Re: Fix Multiple Files (2000)

    I think the paragraph mark following the copied text will carry the style definition with it when copied to a new document. Of course, you could run into conflicts, but if I remember correctly, you shouldn't have to pre-copy all of the styles.

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    Re: Fix Multiple Files (2000)

    Hi Dave:

    Jefferson's idea is faster (i.e. select all the text inlcuding paragraph marks, copy it, & paste into a new document), but I thought I'd point out a couple of things. If the style already exists in the new document, then the inserted text will take on the formatting of the style definition in the new document. If the style doesn't already exist in the new document, then pasting in the new document will actually copy the style also.

    You also mention saving these old templates as documents, but that Word recognizes them as being from different templates. First, this won't affect the styles. Secondly, you could create a new document based on each template (by double clicking in Windows Explorer) then saving each new document. It will then have all the text & styles of the original template. Then you can delete all the original templates (or just move them to, say, a folder on the desktop, & then open the documents. Word will then attach the normal template to them.

    Hope this helps.

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