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    Insert section with its own page numbering

    We create large reports with several appendixes. If the report has been distributed, but now additional pages need to be added, we do not want the pages numbered after the inserted section to change numbers.

    Is there a way to have the pages numbered with a, b, ..., after the number of the page to be replaced? We also need these pages numbered this way in the Table of Contents.

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    If you insert section breaks, you can have different page numbering schemes in each section.

    So let's say you have section 1, pages 1-5, then you want to insert pages a-c, so that is section 2, then you resume with pages 6-15 in section 3. In section 2, use the page number formatting dialog to change from 1-2-3 to a-b-c and restart the number formatting at a (1). To roll back section 3 from page 9 to page 6, use the page number formatting dialog to manually set the start page to 9.

    At least, that's the theory.

    If you mention your version of Word, perhaps someone familiar with it can describe where in the UI to find that dialog.

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    It is going to be VERY complex, as outlined by jscher above. You can partially automate this by bookmarking the section pages in the new section 2 and then edit the page numbers starting from section 3 using NUMPAGES - BOOKMARK. The ToC numbering is going to be interesting though.

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