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    Macro to change widths of tables

    I am using Vista and Word 2007.

    I have a landscape document (well a few) with lots of tables. However, the widths of the columns are all over the place and I need to make the columns to be:

    1.19 / 2 / 1.19 / 2 / 2.62

    Also I need that the “Allow rows to break across pages” not be selected, because I want the information to go to the next page if necessary. Also some of the tables have this selected and some do not.

    I do not need the macro to go to the next table because there is text in between the tables and I would run the macro when I encounter a table.

    I recorded the column widths but when I played the macro the table becomes very small and the column widths are not fixed.

    Can somebody help me create a macro that does this? Thank you in advance.
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    Hi vgarrim,

    You could use a macro like the following:
    Sub TableFormatter()
    Dim oTbl As Table, i As Integer
    For Each oTbl In Selection.Tables
      With oTbl
        .Rows.AllowBreakAcrossPages = False
        .Rows(1).HeadingFormat = True
        For i = 1 To .Columns.Count
          If i = 1 Then .Columns(i).Width = InchesToPoints(1.19)
          If i = 2 Then .Columns(i).Width = InchesToPoints(2#)
          If i = 3 Then .Columns(i).Width = InchesToPoints(1.19)
          If i = 4 Then .Columns(i).Width = InchesToPoints(2#)
          If i = 5 Then .Columns(i).Width = InchesToPoints(2.62)
      End With
    End Sub
    If you select multiple tables, it will reformat each of them. Intervening text is unaffected. Tables with more or less columns are also reformatted - any extra columns are ignored. If a table spans more than one page, the first row is repeated as a Heading on each page (delete/comment out that line if you don't want it).

    Note: As coded, the macro won't work on tables with mixed cell widths in a column and/or merged cells.

    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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