QUESTION 1 >>>>>>>>>

What is the difference between "importing or exporting" a file and just moving it by "copying" ???
Apparently choosing to "export or import" does "something" to the file to make it workable in the new area to which it is going.
Copying did not work.


On my old computer I used a non-standard word processor called Yeah, Write.
My old HD had viruses and I went from Win 98 on that HD to totally new computer with Win XP.
I simply COPIED in Win Explorer the file called a "drawer" with the memos I had typed in Yeah, Write thinking that I could just swap out that "drawer" ( as it is called in that app ) into the same program on the XP computer. Did not work. None of my memos are accessible.
So I had the SAME Yeah, Write app on both computers and copied and pasted the drawer from the old computer to the new computer not using the EXPORT command.
I think there is an EXPORT function in that app which I guess I should have used.

QUESTION 2 >>>>>>>>

If I access the old HD files ( which I think I can do ) is there any way to either "export" that file ---- OR ----- "run" that app to the point that I can access the "drawer" and "export" it properly so I can hopefully use it.

Thanks in advance.........hope I am clear in my explanation.