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    docx file details missing in Explorer

    Thanks to Lounge members, I just got W7 set up so that the contents of .docx files are indexed.

    Now I have a further problem:
    I have my Explorer windows columns set up to show the number of words in the folder's files. It works fine for .doc files, but not for .docx files.

    Any idea how I can get around this?

    I'm running W7 x64, Word 2003 plus 2007 converter.

    PS: I've just noticed a couple of other things:
    1. The above also applies for rtf files.
    2. Some doc files show "0" words even though they're not empty. If I right-click on the file name and look at the "details" tab, the person who originally created the file (?) put "0", so I assume this overrides the internal properties count. I've made a copy of a file, deleting all the properties, and so far it still shows "0". Maybe indexing has yet to catch up.... I'll see if it stays that way or of it updates.
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