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    COM Add-in development in Office Developer (2000)

    I've spent the past 24 hours, it seems, learning to package a VBA module and form as a COM Add-in (for Outlook 2000). It really was not helpful that virtually all of Microsoft's documentation on this is targeted to Visual Basic and not the Office VBE. For future reference, the following resources and tips should help the next person to go through this.

    My two biggest "duh" moments, prior to which I was baffled for way too long, arose from the following epiphanies: (1) The Add-in Designer is something like a UserForm. To access the events exposed by the designer, you view its code window by pressing F7 or right-clicking it in the Project Explorer and choosing View Code. (2) The default for UserForms appears to be vbModeless, so when porting over your form from a regular VBA project to the add-in project, you need to add vbModal after .Show lest your form flash right off the screen.

    Online Reading. Microsoft has posted <A target="_blank" HREF=>the lengthy ODE manuals</A>, but you might want to start here:

    <A target="_blank" HREF=>HOW TO: Create Office COM Add-Ins by Using VBA and Office Developer</A> (from the KB)

    <A target="_blank" HREF= p>Creating COM Add-Ins with Visual Basic for Applications</A> (from the manuals)

    Chapter 13 in David Boctor's Microsoft Office 2000/Visual Basic for Applications Fundamentals gives another VB-centric discussion of add-ins, but the discussion in Chapter 11 on how to "hook" a command bar button so that you can substitute your code was very helpful. (This book might not be available any more, but there is one for XP on the way.)

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    Re: COM Add-in development in Office Developer (2000)

    Another resource for info on this is Chapter 11 of the MS Office 200 Visual Basic Programmer's Guide, which can be gotten online <A target="_blank" HREF= ame=true>here</A>.

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