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    Remote Desktop and Printer Redirection with Win 7

    I'm not sure where else to post this.

    I have an XPPRO computer called LIBRARY across town. I have been able to access this computer with Remote Desktop from an XP PRO machine (HOME) at home or at work over the net. With these connections I can print content from LIBRARY on my local printer. When connected I can look at Printers on LIBRARY and see the local printers that will print from LIBRARY labeled "HL-5250DNRT (from HOME)".

    I now have a Windows 7 (x64) Home Premium Laptop and I can establish the Remote Desktop Connection without any problems. But I see no redirected printers on the Printers page of LIBRARY when logged on. I've take the wireless printer off line and connected it directly to HOME with a USB cable.

    How can I make printer redirection work with Windows 7???
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