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    combining, merging, matching data from one WB to

    I have a list of ten accounts ("master list").
    In any given month only 3 or 4 accounts have any activity and I get an EXCEL file with just those 3 or 4 accounts and the activity.
    I need to add that activity data to the master list in a new monthly column in the row for that account.

    There has to be a very simple way to do this, I just can't find it.

    (If it were only ten accounts, I'd do it manually, but there are actually two zeroes behind the numbers above)

    running Win XP, EXCEL 2003 (old guy)

    Need an example??
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    I suggest changing the master setup to more the setup of the monthly file:
    Acct, Acct#, Sales, and then add a month/year and a year column.

    You can create a pivot table to get out the "summary" using a page field for the year if desired

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