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    Document with English on left, French on right

    I am trying to create a bilingual document with English on the left and the French translation on the right. I thought of using a 2-column table with the English text copied in the left column and the French in the right column, but then headings nested in tables do not show up in document maps. Does anyone know of a way to keep these headings in the document map?

    I also tried using a two-column layout, but this causes a different issue: rather than getting all of the French text on the right, the English text simply continues into the right columns and the French text only appears in the last pages of the document, after the end of the English text.

    Any suggestions as to how to get around these problems or how to achieve my objective by using a different means?

    Thank you in advance.

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    I think all of the approaches to positioning text to the right of other text involve using containers such as table cells or text boxes. As you note, the native columns feature flows the body through each column and is not a parallel columns feature. Of all the (not very good) choices, I think tables are the best. Of course, document maps are not a critical feature for me.

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