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    Can't download in IE

    A friend of mine using an XP machine found some desktop icons missing and could not DL files from the internet using IE. NO idea which version she has. I don't use IE on my machine. I assume she had SP3 installed.

    Anyway before I ( experienced newbie ) could look at it , she had taken it to the "nice man" to have it repaired. Did not get it back yet.

    I was going to install another browser ie Opera to see if that would work vs IE on her machine. Too late now.

    The article I found in some forum on a reputable site recommends CREATING another account and seeing if IE would run in it.

    >>>> I assume that there is only 1 version of IE on the computer for ALL users.

    HOW will creating another user account possibly allow for IE to work correctly for ONE user but NOT for the OTHER ???? Does NOT compute - no pun intended.

    Please stay focused on my question and then add any other comments you care to.

    Thanks in advance
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    Here is the article in full >>>>>

    Use a Spare User Account to Troubleshoot Windows Problems

    Recently a couple readers wrote to me with very similar problems. One was having trouble getting Internet Explorer to run; the other, Windows Explorer.

    In other words, a couple of Windows' own built-in tools were broken. (Note to Microsoft: That should not happen. Come on!)

    Usually, for situations like these, I recommend an end-run around the problem. Internet Explorer won't work? Install Firefox or Chrome and use that instead. Can't load Windows Explorer? Switch to any number of even better Windows Explorer replacements.

    Of course, that doesn't really solve the problem. If you're hoping to fix your broken tool, you'll need to do a little troubleshooting. To start, I recommend switching to (or creating) another user account, then seeing if Explorer runs properly. If it does, you've narrowed down the problem significantly (and should consider "moving" to a new user account permanently). If not, well, back to square one.

    Either way, it's a simple method of figuring out how deeply rooted into Windows the problem is. And that will help considerably as you Google-search for an actual fix (assuming there is one--sometimes these things can be resolved only by reinstalling Windows).Make the Office 2007/2010 Toolbars More Familiar

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    I read in this forum that a recent problem affected some 900 MILLION users.
    Did not understand the article, but don't think that is her problem.

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    A user account may be corrupted while other user accounts work fine. This is one way IE could work in one account, but not the other.
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    I would start looking for a reason for the failure in the event viewer first, then download and use something like Firefox portable
    to rule out a connection issue, and have a usable browser.
    There are probably many ways one would go about tackling this, but knowing more about what the problem is may definitely help guide
    your decision making.

    As far as the article goes, they could be refering to corrupt permissions in the account when accessing IE.
    I think furthermore, the creation of a test account may possibly rule out corrupt windows core components and point to some aspect of a
    specific user account that has somehow become corrupted.

    It's not a bad idea, but it's not something I would have tried first.
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    A lot of IE options are saved on a per user basis > cookies, favorites, Internet options settings, add ons. I would also run an anti Virus full scan followed by a Malwarebytes full scan to rule out malware.


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