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    Unhappy Windows Search and Outlook

    I can’t find a Desktop Search that I can live with… L

    I purchased Copernic Desktop Search, installed it and quickly learned that CDS wouldn’t index my email because I am using 64-bit. I confirmed with tech support that CDS does not function with Outlook 64-bit.

    Then I installed Google Desktop Search. I guess it worked, but I didn’t like it. Plus I think Google already know enough about me without them knowing everything I have on my local drive.

    I then turned on Windows Desktop Search. It seemed to go OK, but I was trying to get it to index my RAID iSCSI drive and I haven’t yet found a way. The drive doesn’t show up in the list when I look for places to add under the Modifications selection like several Googled sites say.

    Anyway, I then attempted to fire up Outlook and got the following: “Windows Installer- Preparing to install...” After a long (several minute) pause that window goes away, replaced by another that says: “Microsoft Outlook- Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window.” And Outlook won’t start. I had to go to the Services window and Disable the Windows Search service in order to run Outlook. Once Outlook was running, I re-enabled the service and read several messages. Then I closed Outlook and attempted to re-open it. Same result. I went to the service and stopped the service, then attempted to re-open Outlook. Same result. Outlook won’t run unless I actually Disable the service! Well, I don’t know about you, but this is quite unacceptable.

    I can’t find a Desktop Search that I can live with… L

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    I've had Windows Search running with 64-bit Outlook since I first installed Office on my home Windows 7 PC. Have you checked the event logs to see if an error was recorded for Windows Search?


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