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    I am sooo embarrassed - I posted the following and totally goofed...I was asked to insert the WORD 2000 (or just Word) disk...NOT a WinME disk! I wish Sony would give the OS disk, but one of my sweet responders was correct...those are just 'recovery disks', which I DO have.
    Geesh! I am soooo sorry! In the meantime, I found a Sony Tech that actually understood the Kings English and has sent me a 'Word 2000 SR-1' disk. I don't mean to sound understanding 'English', I didn't mean to imply it was not their native tongue...what I meant was every time I submit a question to an 'e-mail tech', it seems as if they don't even bother to read my question - they simply send an answer they've picked out of the sky and it has nothing to do with what I was asking...It is only the 2nd or 3rd time I ask the same question, when I get mad because they are not paying attention to my real question is and I say so - that they then apologize, read my actual question, and finally send an answer that is "in the realm" of what I was asking to begin with....sound confusing? It is-especially when it happens over and over again! Opps-sorry! Guess I slipped into a "rant"...just had to let off 'steam'.
    Thanks to all of you for being here! You are wonderful and have restored my faith...I have always gotten wonderful answers here...and they are always 'right on'! I am very grateful for "Woody's Lounge" and the wonderful people here - thank you, thank you, thank you!............eightnotramp

    Here's that 'mistaken' post I originally made - and still got great and relevant answers!
    "Just read another post that reminds me of another question I have...the Sony and MS techs tell me that whenever I am asked to insert the Win ME disk, that since my Vaio came with that OS, it is OEM, BUT that I can access it on my hard drive...for example, I wanted to use Calendar Wizard to create a (duh!) calendar...when the box pops up to tell me to insert the disk, I have been told the entire thing, with all the goodies, is on my C: drive - though no one can remember how to get to it - does anyone out there know????? "

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    Re: OOPS!!!!

    Look for a subfolder under the "Windows" folder called 'Options' and then the subfolder 'Cabs'.

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