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    Windows 7 (64 bit) and AVG scheduled scans

    Under Windows 7 (64 bit) I can schedule, through the AVG software, downloading of a updated AVG program and/or definitions file.

    However, AVG will NOT run a scheduled scan. The program allows the input of the start time but does not scan. I had no problem with this under Windows XP

    I can run a full scan manually.

    Any ideas?

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    1 Uninstall the program completely and remove all left over entries & shortcuts.
    Reinstall the program with carefull attention to advanced or custom settings.
    It is possible the program has become damaged.
    2 Ensure your operating system is in wake mode or is capable of being awaken from sleep.
    Ensure "allow wake timers" is set to enable.
    Sleep Return Timeout for Unattended Wake Up
    3 Consult with AVG directly for all those who have the purchased version.

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    I do not have AVG and am not sure if this is the case with yours. The 2 most recent AV programs I have dealt with require a period of inactivity, usually 15 minutes in order for the scheduled scan to begin. If you are using the computer for anything when the scan is scheduled, it will not start. After X amount of time, the scan somehow gets canceled. Just a thought and something to try if you are using your computer at those times.

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