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    Question Command-Line-Driven Screen Cap Utility Wanted

    There have been numerous threads on print screen, screen capture, etc. However I think this one is slightly different. [Not sure if this qualifies as "General Windows" or "Graphics".....]

    I want to periodically capture the screens (ideally just the client area) of several different simultaneously running programs, from a scheduler app that periodically issues command lines.

    There are a number of screen cap utilities I am aware of (IrfanView, Gadwin Print Screen, etc) that will capture the screen of the currently active app from the command line. However none of the ones I am aware of can force the system focus to a particular open window (perhaps based on the title bar caption) before the capture.

    Is there something out there that can do this (force the capture of a specific-named window, even if it isn't currently active, from the command line)? If it had it's own internal timer for periodic automatic captures of specified screens, even better.

    [Background: I want to capture real-time tracking display screens from several different mapping programs running simultaneously on an XP SP3 system, every 2 or 3 minutes while these programs run unattended.]

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    I would write something in AutoIt. Then you can specify windows, apps etc.

    cheers, Paul

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