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    Keeping shapes open (Visio 2010)

    I have a reasonably complex flow diagram in Visio. The issue is that every time I open it, I don't get any of the template shapes on the LH side. What I get is

    "Where are the shapes?"
    "There are no stencils open"

    This always used to work. What have I done wrong?

    thanks for any help


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    It sounds like you saved the drawing with the stencils closed. If you started the drawing from one of the flow chart templates, then you would have seen the stencils on the left. If you somehow closed those stencils and saved the drawing in that state then they won't open. You can always click on More Shapes in that left hand box and open the stencils you want. Or, you can start a new flow chart from the template you want using the File page then New, and then copy your existing chart to the blank page of the new drawing spawned from the template. As long as you save the drawing with stencils open, they should reopen the next time you open the drawing.

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