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    Graphing and leaving out data with 0 quantity

    I am creating a number of graphs from a lot of different data. Some of the data points have a zero value. I only want the graph to plot those data points which have a value . Currently I am using Excel 2010, however, I also want it to be used in Excel 2007 and 2003.

    Is this possible??

    I am attaching a sample graph with all customers for review.

    Thank you.
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    Hi MNN

    Presumably, what you want are charts that ONLY contain data for those Customers with non-zero values, i.e. do not include any Customer names on the chart x-axis which relate to zero values.

    So, I think the easiest way is to :
    1. first format the chart objects so that they don't move or size with cells
    2. hide the Customer data rows that have zero values

    Graphs will not display or include data for 'hidden rows'

    You need to do step 1 above otherwise after hiding the rows with zero data, the graph will 'shrink' in size.
    To fix this, before hiding any rows, right-click on the edge of the chart, then select 'Format chart area' from the right-click menu.
    Then select 'Properties' in the left-hand options pane for 'Format Chart Area'.
    Then select the radio button choice for 'Don't move or size with cells'

    Do the same for the second chart.

    Then you could hide the rows manually for Customers with zero values.

    Alternatively, to automate the hiding of the 'zero' rows, you could add a simple macro to do this for you.

    Does this help??


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    Another option is to use autofilter to filter the data. See attached.

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