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    Question Word 2007 - TOC 1, 2, 3, etc page numbering style

    Hello all,
    I have inserted a table of contents in my document using Word Heading styles, and all is well.

    My question is that the page numbering style on the right of the TOC is in Arabic for all levels of entries (ie. Heading 1's are listed using a TOC1 style, Heading 2's are listed using TOC2 style, etc). I want to have different page numbering styles for the different TOC levels.

    So for say TOC1 style, arabic numbering;
    for TOC2 style, roman numerals; and
    for TOC3 style, small alphabet letters.

    I am certain i used to be able to modify the mulitlevel numbering style in a previous version of word, but if i try in this version, the best i can do is add a number to the start of each line/entry in the Table of Contents??

    Can anyone help please, and if VBA could be avoided that would be greatly appreciated.

    Have a nice night.
    Many thanks for any help, much appreciated.
    Have a great day!

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    If the following graphic shows what you are after you need to add the desired numbering style to each of the Heading styles in the document.

    P.S. I added this to an existing document and didn't go back and restart numbering at each level of heading...sorry.
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    The page numbering style (as opposed to the heading numbering style) comes from the page numbering format used in each section. I don't think there is a way to change this which is IMHO a good thing - users should view the page number in the TOC in the same format as it appears on the actual page.

    If you really want some heading levels to show a different page number style then you will need to add lots of section breaks in every location where the heading style changes levels and then modify the page number format for each section accordingly. Another alternative is to build the TOC and then create a macro to edit the toc and change the page number style.
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