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    HTML Link opens Access twice when currentevent spe

    HTML Link opens Access twice when currentevent specified.

    When I link to an access database via an HTML link, instead of opening Access and the form specified in the Autoexec file or Startup normally, it opens two copies of Access and the form.

    It seems to be related to the existence of a oncurrentevent procedure in the form (with no action even specified.) In testing this, when we delete the blank oncurrentevent procedure from the form, the duplicate opening does not occur.

    In my real life database, however, I require the use of an oncurrentevent procedure.

    The only workaround that I have found is to create a shortcut to the form (right click the form and select create shortcut), and then link from the HTML page to the shortcut.

    While this workaround seems to by pass the problem, it is not an acceptable solution for my needs because I do not want end users to be able to modify the .MAF shortcut (possibly modifying the startup sequence, opening different forms, etc.) I need to find a solution that keeps the startup sequence inside the Access Database so that it can be locked down.

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    Re: HTML Link opens Access twice when currentevent spe

    Which version of Access are you running? In both 97 and 2000, there are problems with a hyperlink to a file reference. If you change the hyperlink to a URL, it usually cures the problem. You can get more information by looking up article Q186308 (Access 97) or Q208797 (Access 2000) in the Microsoft knowledgebase

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