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    Windows Update FORCES User to Accept Updates

    Woody's recommendation to view but avoid automatically accepting Windows Updates is useless if, as in my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit installation, the SHUT DOWN option after clicking on the Windows Button (pearl) only offers the shut-down choice to install the updates ("Installs updates and then shuts down your computer.") Yes, there are other choices (Switch User, Log Off, Lock, Restart, and Sleep), but no way to just shut down without accepting updates.

    What's going on????? Do I have to fool the machine and hit the power button to shut down if I don't want to install updates from now on? Even the Shut Down button has the gold Windows Updates shield on it!

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    The option to check only and not download any updates would circumvent the behavior you are describing.

    If you have deliberately chosen to download, but not install updates, then you may very well be forced to install them upon full restart.
    The window of install vs. not install may be limited to your operating system's "up time".
    For some that may be many months, but it will certainly depend on your power management scheme. An alway-on machine that is not rebooted will preserve those updates in their downloaded directories, wherever that may be.

    I'm curious, if you are able to fool the machine into being able to fully shut down and restart without installing the updates I would like to hear
    about it.

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