The cooling fan for my processor failed during a scandisk. The processor overheated and scandisk decided that I didn't really want a file allocation table on my hard drive. I let a friend try to help (mistake) and he recovered 10,000 sequentially numbered *.chk files, some of which may be things that I didn't have backed up. (The mistake was that he proceeded to reformat the hard drive and set up my system again. I would have preferred to have purchased a new hard drive and taken the old one to a file recovery specialist. I didn't tell my friend this until it was too late.)

Does anyone know of a utility that will go through a folder and examine files for their real content and either sort them into other folders or even prepare a list with some file information? Windows is so dependent on extensions!

Thanks for any suggestions.

By the way, daily mantra... I will make backups. I will make backups. I will make backups...