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    Google Docs printing to letterhead


    I've been interested in Google Docs for a while. A problem I have been unable to solve is how do you print to a different paper tray? Like many businesses we have pre-printed letterhead and print multi-page documents. How can you efficiently print a letter so that it can pull the letterhead from one tray and plain from another?

    This seems to be a core word processing function that has been around since before the dinosaurs, yet it is missing from Google Docs. Google forums solution of changing the print properties for each document is a joke. Imagine doing that for 100 letters?

    Does anyone have a solution? It looks like MS will rule while Google leaves out things like this whilst adding more & more collaboration features.



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    Does a Google Docs document print using the browser's native print dialog? In that case, I can understand why you are stuck changing the printer preferences. Speaking of printer preferences, another option people sometimes use to work around this kind of issue is to create multiple Windows printers pointed at the same physical printer, each with a different set of settings. Then rather than go into Preferences, you change "printers."

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