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    Paragraph spacing

    Sometimes I want to "select all" and change the font size of a document to make it fit in a certain number of pages -

    How do I not change or change the paragraph space to a different size without going to each line selecting and changing font size
    OR easier out what is the easiest way to make multiple font changes on characters versus paragraph spacing

    there must be an easier way

    Word 2003 VERSION

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    If you have set up your styles correctly and are using a single return at the end of each paragraph using Space Below to create the inter-paragraph spaces, then simply using Format>Paragraph and adjusting the Space Below will change all the inter paragraph spacing as required.

    If you are using lazy old typewriter double returns method to make the inter-paragraph spacing, you have now found out why you shouldn't.

    You can still SelectAll and change the Space Below setting, but because you have two breaks between paragraphs, you'll get a double effect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kabgmit View Post
    there must be an easier way

    You have just bumped smack into one of the many reasons styles are so very, very useful. Adjusting styles is the ultimate easier way.

    I know folks are confused by the whole concept of styles. And indeed, many people I've talked to about them are outright hostile about 'em. But they are soooo worth learning; there are so many benefits.

    You could adjust a twenty page document in a minute or so with proper styles. For that matter, you could probably adjust a 100 page document in the same amount of time.

    Think about it. It's really worth it.

    Best, Kim

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    Do you mean that you want the line spacing to remain the same, even though you change the font size? You could do this by setting the line spacing to an exact value. --For single spacing word uses a distance that is 120% of the point size. So, for 10-point text, the line spacing is 12 points; for 12-point text, it is 14.4 points.


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